Catalog of Courses and Schedule

Smart Cities and Urban Informatics (SCUI) - 2022/2023
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01502 | GIS and Urban Informatics (3)A - Mr Guy Keren
01505 | Urban Remote Sensing* (2)A - Prof. Noam Levin
01507 | Urban Planning: From Modernism to Urbanism and Smart Growth* (2)A - Prof. Eran Razin

40996 | Smart Cities: Technological and Social Aspects of Urban Innovation (2)A - Prof. (Arch) Rafi Rich
01509 | Spatial Justice and Smart Cities (2)B - Dr. Rani Mandelbaum
01516 | Field Course: Transitioning to Smart City Growth: Jerusalem: between Tradition and Innovation (2)A - Dr. Ronit Purian
01551 | Seminar in Smart Cities* (2)A - Prof. Daniel Felsenstein

Python Programing (2)A - Dr Ron Drori
Urban Digital Data and Analytics (2)B - Dr Ron Drori

40123 | Urban Simulation* (2)B - Dr. Yair Grinberger
40994 | Data Project: Data for Managing the Smart City* (2)B - Dr. Amit Birenboim

01524 | Smart Transportation Systems (2)B - Eng. Jay Kaplan

01558 | Making Sense of the Digital City* (2)B - Prof. Justin Hollander (condensed course)
40995 | Quality of Life in the Smart City* - Dr. Amit Birenboim
01533 | Smart Cities and Sustainable Mobility Ecosystems (2)B - Dr Maya Ben Dror (condensed course)
40997 | Integrative Smart Cities Project (2)B  - Prof. (Arch). Rafi Rich

Program is subject to change
Credits in parentheses
A/B= semester
* courses in which a seminar paper can be written.  Seminar paper adds 4 further credits to course.
Total credits = 37