Why Us

The MA degree in Smart Cities and Urban Informatics (SCUI) offered by the Department of Geography at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is unique within the landscape of Israeli universities. It capitalizes on the joint strengths of the existing program in Urban Planning at the Hebrew University and the GeoInformatics track in the Department of Geography. Leveraging these competences, it seeks to develop this new area of higher education and equip a new generation of urban planners and policy makers with the requisite tool box for addressing the challenges of the Smart City.  

The SCUI degree offers a unique opportunity to study in and experience the City of Jerusalem. With an active technological ecosystem, the city offers the ideal backdrop for the program. The laboratory conditions that Jerusalem provides and the challenges that it faces are second to none. The program has a strong Jerusalem emphasis and will show-case the city as a unique beta-site for many of the practical courses to be offered.